• Have you been struggling for months, even years, trying to get rich with internet marketing, but with no luck?
  • Did you start marketing expecting fast profits, but ended up writing hundreds of articles and posting on thousands of blogs?
  • Have you invested in programs that promised to send you 100,000 visitors but really only gave you a handful, and those visitors weren’t interested in buying your product? Did the promised traffic drizzled in by ones and twos, rather than the thousands?
  • Despite the promise of internet marketing, are you still forced to work a full-time job, counting the days until retirement while you struggle to pay the bills? Do you have big ticket items – college tuition, home loans, legal settlements – on the horizon and don’t know how you are going to pay for them?


OK, get ready for this, because I'm about to be very, very candid with you.

I’m about to show you EXACTLY… how I made $708,541.29 last year on ClickBank – and that’s with ZERO traffic generation – breaking all the so-called guru’s “rules” and without having to invest anything.

In just a few hours, you can set up your own system to drive thousands of visitors to your site with:

  • No sales letters to write.
  • No having to write tons of content to fill your sites.
  • No writing articles to post to the article directories.
  • No traffic generation WHATSOEVER.
  • No financial investment unlike other online schemes that trick you into buying traffic.
  • No costly pay per click campaigns.
  • No massive time commitment.


Plus, you can quit your job and put in as little as an hour a day managing your internet marketing business from your own home and still pull a six-figure annual salary. What’s more (and perhaps shocking to you) is that I’m NOT the only one doing it.

How is this possible? Because this is a real, tried and tested method and NOT yet another “push button software scheme” or so-called “traffic loophole” that ‘some guy’ just discovered under a rock.


Remember: The income and the examples you see below are all real and they all work, take as little as two hours to set up (these tiny sites that, once built, make you money on autopilot for months and even years to come) and it’s all done without doing any cumbersome “traffic generation” whatsoever.

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Now, that’s pretty impressive, right? It’s even more impressive considering it’s without any laborious traffic generation or “on-going work”. I know it is. But what I am most proud of is I did it all on my own while I was still just a kid! And that this now infamous affiliate system, is 100% mine. Because I’m pleased to say I made over half a million dollars from Commission Warrior last year without any of the “guru” systems, techniques, or so-called “software” whatsoever!



Yes, I was just 17. And to top it all off… I was just a telemarketer.

It was a horrible job but I desperately needed the money. I sat in a cramped cubicle with no ventilation to speak of making hundreds of cold calls each day trying to sell stuff that even I didn’t believe in myself! I dreaded every second I was there and I didn't like where my life was headed…



Now, I’ll spare you the details, if you’ve been around long enough you probably already know my story anyway. But in short, my life was downright miserable. I was working long, exhausting weeks, for less than $10 an hour – and sometimes I didn’t even get paid if I didn’t hit the minimum sales. I was getting up at 8am every morning, dragging myself to work and all for what? Just to be yelled at by the “boss” and some people on the phone. And the worse part... I spent my nights working on my so-called ‘internet marketing empire’ which was – to be honest – going absolutely nowhere.

And overall, it sucked. But it gets worse. Because my “internet empire” wasn’t going too well either. In fact:



Looking back, it seemed like I tried it all, from losing a week’s pay on Google AdWords and pay per click to writing article after article after article.

I tried everything. But after months of trying to “make it” and still not even making a penny I started to get pretty hopeless and frustrated, probably just like how you're feeling right now. I’ll admit it: I was pissed off, and sick and tired of the rubbish systems out there which quite frankly, flat out didn’t work. Or they just required way too much work (Yahoo Answers, anyone?) or ridiculous investment like Pay Per Click. Yes... I’m talking about those useless so-called push button software and loopholes. And I was going to do something about it.



Now, don’t get me wrong. It didn’t happen immediately. But after months of tweaking, testing and trying combinations of just about everything a miracle happened. And I made my first sale. It wasn’t a lot – literally 50 cents – but it made a believer out of me. It turned out to be a sour victory, though, because there was still one problem: If I wanted to make more money, I had to go out and “get more traffic”.

This was not what I wanted to do. After all, I wasn’t looking for another job. I wanted to keep making money without me spending time at the computer working for it, right? The reason why is because with all the usual methods, you’d always have to keep looking if you wanted to get more traffic. Whether it was article writing, PPC, PPV, or whatever, it was on-going work. So...



And instead, built a tiny website in such a way that it attracted free traffic straight from the best traffic source in the world: Google.

It was radical, sure. But with the right research and creation method I believed I could create such a thing. And can you imagine how easy it’d be to make money online if you could just forget about getting traffic? Forget about this stuff:



No more struggles, no more on-going work whatsoever. It’d be like, every internet marketers dream. Here’s the shocker though: To my surprise it didn’t just sound good, it actually worked too. Amazingly so! As a matter of fact, to be totally honest, when I first stumbled across this 3 years ago:



So, like anyone would, I started to build more and more sites in the same way. They weren’t all winners in the beginning. But I knew what was possible. So I started testing and tweaking. You know, cutting out the stuff that didn’t work, and scaling up what did. And eventually, I got it down into a kind of “system”.

Then from $1,000 to $4,000 to $7,000 a month! It all happened so fast!! And pretty soon, this MONSTER was making me 5 figures a month. Every month!

The best thing about this is it only takes a couple of hours to setup each site, and once built, they’ll earn you $300-$1,500 a month for years to come on autopilot. Because when all the traffic comes to you – and for FREE – you don’t have to do any work! So, it’s been almost 2 years now and today, this proven system has made me richer than I’d have ever thought possible. In fact, here’s the income it made for me in 2011 and the *very* beginning of 2012:


It really is unbelievable. It just keeps making me money day after day, even as I sleep, like clockwork. And I rarely work more than an hour per day to keep it going, with zero traffic generation and no costs to maintain it. Once you build the site the first time, that’s all it takes! This is the simplest, most foolproof way to make a full time income from internet marketing that I’ve ever found.



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  • Internet marketing has never been so profitable yet so easy – even YOU can use it and keep 100% of the profits.
  • The EXACT step by step “automatic 6-figure income” blueprint documented and prepared personally by me, David.
  • Massive improvements to the core of the system itself, particularly keyword research – now it’s way EASIER than ever before!


I’ve spent the last three months “underground” working on it to make it perfect.
While there are many internet marketing schemes out there today, nothing comes close to Commission Warrior which takes the art and science of making money online to totally new heights.

Commission Warrior has never been so simple, fast or practically foolproof. Inside, I’ll show you the exact system – and the secrets I learned along the way – to growing my empire to the $1,900+ a day it is now!

But wait a minute! Pump the brakes! Because if you’re new, you may still be wondering what exactly Commission Warrior is. Well don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. And unlike most, I don’t intend to use sketchy sales tactics to hide it from you.


Obviously, Commission Warrior has made a ton of money for me and many other people. But exactly how does Commission Warrior work? And can it work for you? Well, first of all the answer is yes, it can work for you because it’s actually a really simple three step process. And remember: I walk you through every single step in painstaking detail via a step by step guidebook. So, here’s the Commission Warrior system in a nutshell: 


Remember, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to pick proven winning products, sniff out the golden opportunities and ultimately promote only those products that will make you the MOST money. Plus I  will help you find precisely the right keywords to target in Google that will guarantee your site’s success before you even build the site! Once you use the ridiculously easy formula I discovered through three years of trial and error, Commission Warrior will allow you to hit the top three spots on Google searches almost every time. That means thousands of visitors each month who are ready to spend money, all without your doing any work at all!

This is the biggest secret right here, and it’s in the way we build the site. It’s actually really easy once you know my Commission Warrior secrets. And don’t worry, Commission Warrior sites are TINY – basically one page – so they require hardly any writing or much work at all really. Commission Warrior sites do not require ANY technical knowledge or coding. And Commission Warrior sites do not take weeks to setup. In, fact you could have your first one setup today and you never have to touch it again.

Believe it! It really is that simple. That’s why the Commission Warrior system has received more attention, praise and success stories than just about any other on the internet today! Because it works! It works for two reasons:

  1. There really is ZERO on-going work, traffic generation or even link building. You set it up once. That’s it. The traffic will come to you through Google.
  2. Commission Warrior is proven to be effective providing you follow my blueprint taught in the simple guidebook. Just copy me and you will see results.

That’s right, all you need to do is copy me and you’ll see unbelievable results like this:



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Look, it doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re ever made a cent online or whatever your background is. I mean I was a telemarketer once upon a time with zero knowledge of internet marketing!

  • You Don’t Need Experience
  • You Don’t Need A Product
  • You Don’t Need Any Technical Skills
  • You Don’t Need ANY Money – It’s All FREE
  • You Don’t Need Heaps Of Time. It’s FAST
  • You Don’t Need To Know ANYTHING About Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, Banners Or Any Other Paid Traffic Method.
  • You Don’t Need To Know ANYTHING About Facebook, Twitter Or Writing Articles.
  • You Don’t Need Anything. It’s Such A Complete System And Taught In SUCH Step By Step Detail (Nothing At All Left Out)… ANYONE Can Do This!

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You may have heard promises like this before about so-called “Push Button Software”. The three clicks and you’re a millionaire “technologies”. The secret “loopholes” no one has ever heard of. When was the last time you actually made money from any of that garbage out there right now? But hold on. I’ll do you one better:



Me, neither. And there’s a reason they don’t tell you exactly what they’re selling you. Commission Warrior, on the other hand, produces real results as you saw above, and if I had more room I could include many, many more. And what’s more: It does it fast, and without the tedious work associated with “getting traffic”. Not to mention, it’s true autopilot.

That means once you set it up, you’ll earn money for months and even years to come without you having to drive any more traffic whatsoever. And if I hadn’t totally over-killed it already with just how DIFFERENT this system is, check this out:



… I Made It In January And How Much Did It Make NEXT MONTH? Over $1,200.00 PROFIT!


(IMPORTANT: I only created ONE site. It took 2 hours and I never touched it again!)



That will be generating a part time income for years to come, and on total autopilot, with me never touching it again. But listen, do you know what the best part about all of this is? It’s that – as long as you can follow instructions – you’ll be building sites as profitable as this too, just like all the success stories you’ve seen on this page and spread around the internet. Because Commission Warrior is such a strong, proven system, and it’s taught in such painstaking step by step detail with nothing at all left out, it will work for you too. And better yet, I’m prepared to guarantee it!


I'm completely confident that Commission Warrior is exactly what YOU need to finally get your online business off the ground.

In fact, I'm so confident it'll work for you, I'm prepared to let you try it risk free for an entire 60 days.

That way, you get peace of mind, and I do too.

You see, I don't have to worry that you're at all unhappy, because if you decide Commission Warrior isn't the right system for you, you can get a full refund at any time during the60 days.

So you're free to download the whole thing, and try it out. Follow the tried and tested blueprint, try a couple of methods – just try it out for size…

And if you don't make money, don't make enough money, or just don't like the system, no problems at all!

You'll get every last cent refunded to you. No questions asked.

I just wanted to make it clear to you that this is a completely no-risk purchase.


David "The Commission Warrior" Bauer



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Did you know that YouTube gets about two billion views a day? This exclusive, advanced edition teaches you how to EXPLOIT YouTube’s flaws to easily rank and “plug-in” massive amounts of profit pulling traffic to your bank account! Google didn’t pay $1.65 billion for YouTube for nothing!


First of all, let me ask you this: How much would it be worth to have a system that made me more than half a million dollars last year, and that helped more than 80 other people quit their jobs as well?

Or more importantly, how much is it worth for you to have the power to be able to generate $351, $789 and even $1,500+ a day whenever you want?

Let’s talk about a specific example:



So, you've seen one Commission Warrior site that after only one month was already making over $1,200 a month. But let's say your first site only makes $796 a month, like some of my smaller ones do. Now you know that it only takes a few hours to setup a site like that, so...

Imagine if you had ten!

Yes, just ten, and you could a handful of those set up today, because setting up each site is so fast – and free – and you never have to touch it again!

And do you know how much you'd be making per month?

$7,960.00 a MONTH for months, even years to come!

And picture it, they run for you getting traffic and making sales, day and night – churning out thousands of dollars for months and even year to come. And all on total autopilot!

How much is that worth?

You'd be able to buy a new car, take
four vacations a year, or even quit
that crummy job! Imagine that: Not
having to go to work every day and
spending 30 minutes on the
computer just checking your sales

Honestly, If I said each of the limited number of copies available of Commission Warrior was $2,000... It would be a steal.

Quite frankly, I'm sure we'd still sell out.

But I've got some good news for you. Because the price isn't even half that.

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David “The Commission Warrior” Bauer

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